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Pornroom Passion-HD – Anastasia Knight Poolside Fever (08.09.2018)


Ashley is in the kitchen and she is supposed to start cooking dinner. She is irritated though. She never gets time to herself anymore. She rarely gets sexed up by her husband to help relieve stress because he’s busy all the time too. She’s sick of it. She wants an afternoon to herself to just relax. She starts to undress and perches on the kitchen counter. Ashley slides a hand beneath her panties and starts to rub her pussy. She moans in pleasure. When was the last time she could just feel her wetness on her fingers? Ashley strips completely naked. She begins to finger her pussy and can feel and hear it growing wetter and wetter. Ashley finds a dildo. She sucks it as she continues to play with herself. She slowly slides the dildo deep inside. Ashley starts to fuck herself while still rubbing her clit. It feels so good! She feels so naughty masturbating on the counter when she should be making dinner for her family. She likes being naughty. As she fucks herself she starts to feel like she might squirt. It’s been a while since she has been able to have an orgasm like that. Ashley continues to fuck herself until she makes a puddle on the floor!

Date: September 9, 2018